Wednesday, March 11, 2009


it's already morning
i woke up....i meant just woke up
rise and shine (U,U)
my class start at 2pm today as there's only workshop for today PLC
*luv the subject and ms lecturer is nice,but i hate to study* haha

naaah~ who said so
i love studying what haha :))

my ciksu already gone to her office
so,i'm alone now

i wonder,what i wanna do today
i think i know what to do...
maybe this one could work
  • rearrange all my stuffs in my room
  • woke zul up
  • check my updates
  • straighten my bedsheet
  • prepare my chicken salad
  • [...and of course,eat my salad~]
  • had my fresh morning bath[hehe...]
so many things to do
so lil timma...
mi gawsh
oke oke i think i can arrange it well
i should be fine

fwaaah~ test is comin around
starting next week
2nd test,really tiring
lotsa to study
mom~ i miss u[duuuh~time2 cnni la rindu kt my mom,ntah pape jek]

result SPM will make a HUGE performance tomorrow
haha :))
i wonder those SPM candidates will crackle their teeth and trigger like a switch in a digital lab trainer haha...
chill,u guys...u'll be fine
my experience..? *cmon,been there.. done that*
dont even think to do sumthin stupid if u feels dissapointed with the result
first thing first,tell yer parent
they'll understand

p/s: to syakirah,wani and nadia

all the best to u guys

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