Saturday, March 14, 2009


what a lazy person i am
woke up late
didnt manage myself precisely
bad time management etc.

i went to my studio today since
i missed my class
cos of the rain hehe :)
so,at about 3pm...
after had my lunch of nasi kukus ayam dara :P
so i prepared myself
prepare my scootie mootie as well
off we go to studio

as i reached my studio,
without any hesitation i asked shafika
about her SPM result
and she said that she didnt perform well
and the result is not excel as others
but i wont mind that
i congratulate her on her result
for me,it's a huge matter
for a student to try their best
and shouldnt push too hard
as the result has come out...
...then,that's it
we should be proud of ourself and
feel grateful for what we had achieved
p/s: da dpt IPTA nnt gtaw akak ek hehe :D

today aint so busy
but sales for today do greater compared to
other days back
*except for during school holidays hehe

i dunt know why...but i do feel different today
a bit tired,maybe because of too much sleep
...or,i dont know
i feel so very helpless today
it's like having insufficient energy to
energize my body to cheerfulness
..but i still cud smile
it's just together wit a pinch of bitter

shafika did told me that she want to treat
me makan today haha :))
at first i tot that she's joking
but she's serious about it
she told me that she really meant it coz
the other day,she did blnje everybody
with pizza,but i didnt come to the studio at that time

so then,afta work
we went to JJ Wangsa Maju
and she treat me dinner hehe
really glad to eat wit shafika
together with kak ika and bro Sha

had some chit chats then off we went home
but before that,
i did send shafika home before
i went to see zul.

few minutes later,zul arrives
had some drinks and grab somethin to eat
i went home
still be,very tired
so exhausted

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