Tuesday, March 24, 2009

love the day

hey hey hey~
so,how's today hanging?u guys oke??
as for me,kinda oke.not really bad

there only one class to attend today since i've finished wit my telecommunications laboratories and workshops

just came back,a bit tired.i 've had a meet up with a friend hehe.
wanna know who??well,let's give it up to miss salsyabilla abu hussin
i parked my cutie-scootie-mootie at the pasar besar gombak.
hehe...she picked me up at there and heads to Carrefour.
at first,bought a pendrive for salsya's lil bro,Amad[who is already in Std.3...i've met him before and at that time they came to my house and Amad was just so lil that time].
she belanja me McD and we'v had some chit chats coz it's been
quite a while havent sit and talk together - gather...miss her so much
gossiping,giggling,laughing etc. sort of stuffs that some girls wud do haha

before we went home, into Carrefour market again coz her friends ask her to buy some stuff
later,off straight home :)

salsya dropped me to pasar again a take a look at my cutie-scootie-mootie for a while
then she drove back to uia
hihi...totally looking forward seeing her again
we've had so much fun today even just in a short moment

so,i arrived home and found out that my ciksu already in
p/s: lately she return home early and i like that... :D

gotta stdy and finished my paperworks etc.
tata everybody..


here some bla bla bla for u...

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