Friday, March 13, 2009

i'm sorry "TODAY"

i'm very sorry
so very sorry

i woke up late
which i should woke up early
since my class start at 8am

a sorry
that i left my campus behind
i didnt show up to class
i absent for today
i do have a reason

a reason that i couldnt resist
it was raining
raining heavily
starting 7.30am till now
it havent stop
i dont know why

for u,TODAY
i beg an apology
that i neglect u TODAY
forgive me TODAY
i hope u forgive me TODAY

the rain wont stop
thou i had finished with this entry
im afraid there will be
water...maybe a lil flood
but i dont know

coz i havent went outside yet
or even flip the WIDE window's curtain
all that i heard is just
tears of the sky
raindrops dripping

i wonder what had happen
to the entire space that
put the sky to tears...

and for me...
im in the comforter
having my lappy on my lap
typing this entry


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