Friday, March 06, 2009

my nadia

1) Go to your photos folder in your computer.
2) Go to the 6th folder of photos.

3) Go to the 6th picture in the folder.
4) Put the picture in your blog and and description of it.
5) Invite six friends to join the challenge.

well,here it goes from me

,i cant believe it.syakirah's picture did appear[i thought mine will be posted,demmit]
but anyhow,i guess it's just oke

syakirah's cute wat hak3 :))
so,this picture is taken somewhere in Melawi,Kelantan
it's a place called Surada Beach Resort[....if i'm not mistaken hik3~]
during this time my siblings went to the swimming pool
....except for Baba beloved who went back for bussiness matters

there's only me,syakirah and onichi stay in the chalet
mom...dunno where had gone to

so here it is
a picture
beautiful photo,i supposed
which located in the 6th folder of the photo folder in my lappy
and the 6th picture from all
totally random
very 'un-sangka-rable'..[unexpected]

to syakirah:kakak dedicate this photo just for u,mi dearie
kakak will always love u...mmmmuachs

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