Thursday, March 26, 2009

tagged by S.I.D.E.K.I.C.K ...[wit my lame-est voice ever]

do u think u'r hot?
naaaah~got no idea.some people do think i guess,it's a YEAP!

upload a favourite picture of you:

[Photo] give three reason why you like this picture?
1.we're in Pangkor Island~!
2.having the greatest moment wit my section-mates .
3. cuz everybdy in this got blurred faces except for me cos had been edited~

when was the last time you eat pizza?
cant really remember. last month i guess,getting a bit bored to Italian lately

the last song you listen?
Now playing on Windows Media Player: Miley Cyrus - Wake Up America
via FoxyTunes

so,it's Wake Up America by Miley Cyrus hik hik :D

what are you doing now besides this?
doodling a face of a rabbitos

what name you prefer besides yours?
aisyah is beautiful and beck is,i guess im cool

people to tag:
1. djohn_zul
2. zyra j.
3. yarn
4. tehanurfateha

who is num one?
my person

num three is having relationship with?
omg...i have no idea.but i believe a good-looking guy hihi

say something about num 5?
a long lost friend,during secondary school who got the same name to mine :D

who is num 2?
my Ros of course hehe :)

what do u think about num 4?
shy shy cat and a very nice person.miss ya teha~!


  1. whos that num 3? juz asking in case if it is me~

  2. yes mi dear
    it is u
    ape lagi
    start tagging,answering and bla bla bla la hehe :D
    mish u~!


here some bla bla bla for u...

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