Sunday, March 01, 2009

::: let me put something in here :::

well,hurmmm this is like the 'first and foremost'...i think i've told everyone to not to view my page...hurmm...what a shame[for me]
as in opposite,i check out my profile...duuuh~ been viewed by others...ish ish ish
since me and my group already had our website done and already
got an 'A+' [which i lied haha :DD but the result is ok,not bad] for the subject [Transmission System DDP3532,huge appreciation to Mdm. Siti Zura A.Jalil...u rock~!]
for those who wants to reach our website about
Radio Frequency IDentification a.k.a RFID [which we put as RFID Freak hak3~] and related topics to our project and applications u can just click 'here'

..and for those who wants to reach my blogpage u can visit 'here'
that blogpage is not really ready yet[...aheh (U_U!!!)] since i do only have so-very-lil-time
((so many things to do,so lil timma...*haih*))
well,i'm really looking forward to see u guys putting a visit
have a great beautiful Sunday,
'coz u might not know what u'll face tomorrow
[ perhaps a BLUE Monday hahaha :)) ]

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