Saturday, March 21, 2009

atashiwa happy~

aheh...well,good day everyone...just came back from my studio
so,i guess i should get some rest..
but i was so happy today

since yesterday,i've been showered with some good news from people surrounding me
it's including a call from my lawyer,mr. grewal singh bout the case involving my accident that will be brought to the court in the very most,two weeks time...really hoping that it went well,and smooth without any complications..'coz i need this case to be settled as quick as possible.

and more,i got a call from lil sis...saying that she passed her driving test grooving-ly haha..with huge grin from ear to ear..duuuh~..syakirah,cmon.gimme a break la
haha...i know that she must be so-very-happy from now on
but she's still working on preparing herself for the motorcycle,all the best ya syakirah..kakak will always pray for u~ (>.<) hehe :)

and is the 6th day i'm driving lyna's car...haiya..quite tiring.but,oke what.i need not to worry if there's rain or too hot weather etc. ..haha got LYNA's car as my transport
haha...the best part is,i can tumpangkan my friends to class...and it's so much fun.

love u LYNA...*mmmuachs*...hehe :D
tomorrow nite lyna is coming back to KL.cant wait to see her again...
...and i do have to return back her car also hik3
then starting next week,i'm back with my cutie scootie mootie~ hehe...miss u scootie~!
let's conquer DUKE Highway muahahaha~!!
p/s:just kiddin,u guys

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so...hurmm ok-la
need to sleep.
so exhausted

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