Monday, March 16, 2009


i stopped,and i was like
could feel something was wrong
did happened to my cutie-lil-scootie-mootie

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i then,get off from my ride and check
my lil scootie out.and i did saw..
ow gosh,i'm a deadmeat~!
mati la canni
i saw two keys with a ring that kept 'em together,menusuk into my tyre be exact,the back tyre of my scoot. dem!!
i just panic and dunno who to tell, who to call and even what to do
then,i was thinking bout my studio and monologue to mysef,"gotta tell kak ika".
i called her and said gonna be late or maybe not coming to the studio
totally freaked out

mane tak nye,u know what mase bunyi "pomm~!!" tu,i was at the very front
of sumone's wedding.there are peoples eating,selawat and stuff...
....and also ME freaking out all by myself wit my scootie
haiya,absolut HUMILIATION

there's this pak cik did came and asked me what had happen but,i was like,
"tape,tape pak cik...saye oke.come nye scoot sye ni ha tiba2 langgar kunci ehe :D"
then,i called zul.tataw nape,nk nanges je keje nye haha saye ni mmg byk air mata kot haha :))'s been quite a ruff day for me

then,i tolak je scoot tu sampai umah
called my onichi to bukak the pintu and onichi was also terkejot
haha..then i called mom,talk to her
tp at 1st kinda bengang gak ngn mom since she didnt picked up my call
coz i was like calling her 5times
and the alasan she gave me was...
"sorry la,i tade kt bilik i tadi..i tgk staff i kt counter teller i perasan u call"
after that story2 to her about the whole incident

finally,i decided to rush to my studio
asked zul to pick me up and drop me there...[studio]
tp,jiwa masih kacau and almost kosong huk3~ :'(

these are all happened on Sunday..March 15th, 2009
thank god im not having a BLUE Monday today~


  1. penat tak tolak scoot??
    silly question..
    dah nama scoot..confirm berat..
    sorry to here abt dat..

  2. naaah~
    it's oke
    i know that i'm so unfortunate-girl.

  3. then its me who had to skip friday prayer to fix it..hehehe..anyway..what's done is done..muah2


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