Thursday, May 20, 2010

...last night

miss me?
i know right.
KL,im back!
momma's home and she brought happiness and joy along with here.
i missed Philly like hillbilly hell.
i hugged her till her eyes almost popped out.
*sorry,honey* hehe XD
okay this is about last night,alright.
things happened.
---shits happened.
both happened as we ddnt expect the exact time,place or particular day.
they just happened.
poops,suddenly it was there.
ooey gooey stinks!
idk.i cant think much.they just bother me to madness.
you know what.
i had a great dream last night.
i was actually just a regular dream,got lame storyline etc etc.
but what makes the dream irregular is..
---i met hot guys.
super cute.
extra salty.
:-L  *drooling*
no such wetty thingy alright *duuuh~*
i was like woke up in smile and..
there was this one incident that i saw
my youngest brothers almost been belit by a huge python.
that one was right before i met those super salty,extra cute fellas tu.
aah,what a night.
anyway,really glad to be back.
starting this Friday till Sunday i got this kursus kepimpinan.
so malas,but what to do.
cant join onichi for family that cause of that.
im very truly sorry everyone.
as for this great companion of mine,am sorry too
--for everything.
i know u and i dnt really judge people.
but i do know how far i can judge u.
ure moar than i expected.
im jealous of how nice and smart and how kind you are.
so really glad to be one of your friend.

Have a Joyful Thurs y'all!

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