Thursday, May 13, 2010

my fb notes 2;you guys

i've been praying for these days to come.
to approach.
giving me the opportunity to feel such happiness.
with u and u and of course u.
these 'U's are like my air i breathe lately.
giving me better reason to stay.
to live.
and to embrace the biggest gift in my present.
my soul.
when i realize that yesterday was the day that i prayed for.
i can feel it.
i felt no pain.
i heard your laughter and your laughter and your laughter too.
you,my three musketeers.
who will always there whenever i PING you.
whenever i HIT you.
whenever i NEED you.
am so blessed that He gave me you and you and you.
am no longer shaking.
am no longer scared.
because no mountain nor cyclone can ever stop me.
because i know that i got you and you and you.
i will remember today,yesterday and yesterday.
Alhamdulilllah and am so grateful.
*tears cheers*

Haaaa :D sidekick and m!


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