Tuesday, May 04, 2010

this one is a keeper

i was browsing some blogs
and i found this one blog
with this one post

i dont know much
but this novel seems cambest
the synopsis was good...for me.
but the main thing here is,i kinda have seen this authors' name
Liyana Zahim.
but i am so not sure where.
well,for those novel lovers out there
this is kinda new in store
i think,cause this post was dated few days ago
so,as per above
novel lovers,especially Malay novels
out there,u guys should buy this novel.
the price is okay.
not too expensive for a Malay novel
i dnt know.
havent bought any.
hehe so,happy reading.

p/s:if uve read this novel,do tell me wether it's good or not ha-ha.just for fun :)


  1. ouh it's been ages tak baca novel-cintan-jiwang-melayu ni! okie.tp mls nak beli.pinjam mahu la.haha!

    btw,i haven't read "bittersweet" yet.hoho

  2. wah cik ros.
    saye xsngka awak kome2 kat cni lagi
    from the bottom of my heart,saye actually post entry ni sbb awak.
    sbb sy tau dulu awk suke bc novel-cintan-jiwang-melayu nih.
    mase nk post entry ni,mmg sy tgh ppkir psl awk
    haha klaka kan.
    ntah pape je sy ni

    bittersweet hvnt read yet eyh.
    it's oke.
    u tke your time dear.

  3. me x baca novel la beck.
    try la bace novel tu.
    sekali sekala beli maaa.. ;)

  4. ala muu ni.
    xbc novel ke
    me lg la xbaca novel BM.
    muu beli la.
    nanti me pnjm muu pny hihihi


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