Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New born.

look at that.
a friend of mine just gave birth.
a baby boy was born.
we were like so shocked and rush to the GH to pay a visit.
im not really good with kids and so scared of babies
if u guys out there eager to see me holding babies
not a chance.
i dont know why.
babies are fragile and harmless and so lembik.
that terrifies me.
anyways,welcome aboard lil fella.
ive put some spells using my 'magic wand' when we went there to see yah
for those who were there,u know what i mean ha-ha.jk.

see,im telling u the truth-----he's super small

"uhh ohh this is amazing,ure beautiful"

we're the aunties line-up
cute aight?,not the baby XD

aww~ look at that.sha was so excited to get the baby into her arm.

this is just great.
i feel blessed.
Alhamdulillah the baby is okay and the mommy is just doing fine.
cant wait for Nut and wifey's hihi.
gnna pray for u guys!

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