Thursday, May 13, 2010

u guys,im home!

as stated above.i absolutely am home now.
so-- i feel good.
but most of the time...yah.
i do miss KL very very much.
wait wait..this like gonna be my
100th ENTRY of the year 2010.
what am i babbling here.
okay,try being serious.
-----*sigh* i cant hahaha
ala,100th entry pon kecoh.

so,as mom said,"it's been day kat sini tak hujan"
and i was like....for real?coz KL had been wet in almost everywhere everyday.
asal petang je,ujan.
asal nk gelap je,ujan.

so,i was like praying and hoping that it would rain the very least..rain,can you just pay a visit.
that would be just enough
it's so hot in here.
the air conditioner cant keep me cool all day.
still,i can feel the heat burning the edge of my chin.
choc ice-blended has been my good company two days in a row.

and surprise surprise
as i waited and waited and waited
last night,
i heard of drips and drops as i was rumbling in my comfy bed
it's pouring.
i was superb ecstatic.
im over the moon.
Alhamdulillah,am so blessed.
my prayer had been granted.
i slept with a huge smile on my face.
**dont ever imagine that,cz it'll totally freak u out**

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