Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You're safe.
Am so grateful to Allah s.w.t.
A hero was born.
CONGRATULATIONS to Nut and wifey.
I know,we've been waiting for this moment like weeks and weeks.
Abah and Ibu.
Very cute,and I like it!
2.58kg---very tiny.
Bak kata Nut,his feet was like sebesar ibu jari Nut je kan.
I giggled when I heard that.
Can't wait to see you,lil fella.
Now now,you sleep well okay.
You've been kicking hard in wifey's and now you're out buddy.
Embrace it,feel it.
Ain't gonna post your picture yet.
But I will.......soon :)

Muhammad Adam Iskandar B. Mohd Shafiq.
Welcome dear.
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