Thursday, May 06, 2010

ure not hopeless

ure not hopeless.
dont u ever spit the word "im giving up".
because u are not.
i know you.
ive posted this such entry before.
its about u
its always about u.
i know that ure in the hardest time uve ever faced before.
and as always,i was there and now i am here for you.
just like before,i said about u and your family.
i meant it.
and now am still saying the same 'ol thing.
i just dont understand.
your family seems ddnt care,but i cant put " all" here coz i dont know that much.
i know that i dont have the right here to speak,but...
its just too ridiculous for me to understand,which here i dont know why.
if they're meant to teach u a lesson,its just not right.
not the right way,not the effective way.for me.
and im very disappointed with few peoples surrounding you.
they do realize that ure having a hard time,but why still
...they're pushing you.being inconsiderate.
friends and families are the people who suppose to support you.
and and be whenever or wherever u need them.
but i see nobody when u need them the most.
what is that.
what is that.
sorry to say this la.
if by commenting thru facebook is what u called family bonding.
dude,u got that wrong.
those are bullshits.
said by a pussy and did by a pussy.
and again,im so sorry to make such statements.
i just want u to think wide,open up your mind.
never stop trying and always do remember that u got me here.
i know u once before,the real u.
u used to be way different than this.
i want you to be better  and stronger than yesterday.

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