Thursday, May 13, 2010

my fb notes;them girls

been the craziest day in my life.
in short 30days.
everything could happened.
and it's happened.
u girls made me live my every moment.
making me happy.
know what i need most.
forcing me for the sake of my goodness.
been there where u girls supposed to be.
never letting my tears touching the cold floor.
i dont know how.
i dont know when.
but u girls just appear at the very right time.
thou i know that u girls too got 
but sticking to each other is been like what we've been holding on.
im so happy.
am so glad.
for u girl,thanks for 
accepting me back and embracing back the old times we've had together
for u girl,u're like the 
best CCTV ever.even better than the best.
and now im home.
missing u girls already.
u girls got the smile that took me to another planet.
tears cheers*

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