Saturday, May 15, 2010

am not in a happy mode

been left home alone by mom and baba.
well,actually not really alone.
am a caretaker for my two younger brothers,hanif and iqbal.
have to cook.
have to do all the homeworks.
have to online.
have to monitor them doing online exercises.
have to feed those kitteh.
have to scoop all the poops.
have to do all the laundry.
have to do the dishes.
.......and im in the middle of my menstruation
im tired.super exhausted.
wanna hang out pun,no moood at all.
sometimes getting bored.
gotta see my taylor again.
there a few more kain that need to be jahit.
last night,been raining.
heavy pouring with all the lightning and thunder
am so scared huk3..
i need mom,my closet and it did blacked out.
3times plak tuh.
definitely wanna test my inner strength.
but am so glad and grateful to Allah as i got a friend..
..such friend that willing to accompany me even thru the line
keeping me calm and made me feel secured.
*cz am too scared of the dark*
gile terrified.
the windows are quivering and trembling.
the lights went out.
it's dark outside and on the inside.
thank Allah,my younger brother called me from the other rooms
and decide to sleep in my room.

anyway,t'shere a new song just came up at Radio Disney.
u shld google it.
c0z it's a song for me.
the pain by Menstruation.
*bhaahaha.jk.dnt google just joking*
am actually..yea
tgh tahan sakit ni. >.< it huuuurts!!!
pls come back soon.

last night i called salsya.
and i called love.
who had been pretty annoying.
and turned into a scum-douche for a bout few hours.
asking me silly Qs.
talking non-sense.
that's annoying man and im sick here.
pls do consider and understand my situation.
i dont wnna bad things came up when im like this.
coz i was tired,and when im tired i got angry.
and when im angry i can be super annoying.
--not just to u,but to almost everyone.

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