Thursday, May 06, 2010

you left me speechless

it's about a friend of mine
my girlfriend
she made a confession
to a guy that she had a crush on
*klau salah,buzz me*---empunya badan ek XD
so,when i read the whole entry she posted
i can say nothing
dear,you left me speechless
u made the confession and uve been rejected
but i think that's the best
and im so proud of you caused you had...
you had the guts to to to do that
im so proud of u and so happy that u did it
there's no single person,Malay girl to be exact
had that kind of strength that u have dear
i wanna put my comment on your entry
but i just couldnt
im sorry for not doing so
but i believe u understand me right
i love u and--
and there's this phrase that been whispered to me each and every single day lately
by a good friend of mine
"love yourself"
i know i,myself am not good on doing so
but,i believe that u can do it
i try hard each and everyday to love my very own self
there are plenty of fish out there
you just dont have to give up and never stop trying
im wanna thanked the GUY cause he ddnt hurt you and appreciated the special feelings
that u had towards him
but maybe you guys arent meant to be
nah,let's just forget about it and hope u enjoy your holiday dear
i know u'll be reading this
u should know that i love u and i do care about u

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