Monday, November 15, 2010


well hello. new entry coming right up. as stated above. common title. yes,i know. but wait. not me okay. as ive mentioned in a post before, *did i...?* finally my onichi's pregnant and am so gonna be an aunty soon. this is REAL aunt okay. not some sort of anak sepupu, anak buah, anak membe membe in all of sudden or whatsoever eh. cos if so, i'll take as the 'aunt' title is so overrated. anyways. my onichi's been pregnant for almost 3months++ by now. and i got the chance to meet her as i reached KB a day before yesterday cos she flew to KL already yesterday morning by AirAsia. you know what. she was so weak. morning sickness is no longer happened in the morning. she vomit most of the time. till she lost her very own voice. she cant talk much. she's even been admitted to the ward few weeks ago, total dehydrated. i cant stand looking at her like that. but i cant help much. there are ointments and stuffs that keep her company. am afraid that she's not strong enough to bare it. i know she'll be okay but...aih. the funny part is, she always hungry. but few moment afterwards, she'll puke what she ate right back out. on the mengidam part, listless. too much to list here. i even went out shopping for her cravings. but i wont mind on that. plus she's not craving for silly junkies or anything. common preggie women's crave. mangoes etc. is pregnancy will make us that miserable? getting thru it... is it that hard. man. im scared already. i can never tell how am i gonna get thru this when the time comes. well, onichi hope youll get well soon. and pls keep on hang in there. am so gonna tell this story to your baby once he/she come into this world. i got friends that been pregnant before, but they were nothing like you. no such morning sickness that can no longer called as morning sickness. its an all-day-sickness for me.i know youre tired to see go to the hospital, medical centers and even too tired to take the meds and see the doctor. but, just hang in there. you'll be just fine.

*hwugs and kishes*


  1. waaa..tak lme lgi jd makcik! opss aunty! :P

  2. yeahh.
    baby, ure right.
    aunt = makcik.
    same je.
    i wont mind la syg.
    meant the same.
    tade beza. yg pasti ni makcik btol la. not that OVERRATED random title. tehee


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