Friday, November 12, 2010

dark chocolato

"Milk Chocolate is the most preferred type of chocolate, however dark chocolate is especially popular among men."

dark chocolate. bought this yesterday on my way back as sarra, tk and iram and i stopped by for makanmakan at food court jj au2. each and everytime i see chocolate, reminds me this one person. my special someone. such a huge fan of chocolate. especially dark chocs. me? naaah. am not a  relly big fan. but who dont like chocolate right. so thats why i bought this cute guy, BERYL's Dark Chocolate 54% cacao. its for my special someone. saje sukesuke kasi, no special occasion okeh. cus he love choc more than i do and few days back he gave me two CAMIORs. pssst.. i heard that hes gonna drop by at the central KL today to meet manap and i right before i left for KB. uuuuu. am super excited.

*hwugs and kishes*


  1. hek eleh tk kasi la tu.
    semalam tak nampak pon awak beli.
    bluekk. haha

  2. kan kan teringin kan.
    g kedai beli skg.


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