Monday, November 22, 2010

special entry for sarah

here. this one for sarah. i kept telling her about a blog that sells very cheap contact lenses. geo lens. so sarah here's the link. you can just click ELLYSHA. the lenses here are super cheap. for me. and theyre also very comfortable to wear. so far, beck pakai lenses ni okay je. but one thing that i dont like is their lens cases. each lenses sold comes with a lens case *as usual la kan*. tapi cases tu kinda tak rapat or entah la. kalau simpan lens dalam tu, solution mudah kering. so, i used my bausch & lomb punya cases which is dah memang ada *and you know how much i love bausch & lomb lenses kan*. aih, semacam je kan beck promoting this ellysha's #bhaha. so that's it. and also if yall out there interested to browse, buy or even just view this blogshop, feel free to click. no big deal here.

*hwugs and kishes*


here some bla bla bla for u...

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