Wednesday, November 24, 2010

this is life.

"when life leaves us blind
love keeps us kind
remember youre loved
and you always will be
this melody will bring you right back home"

because of our relationship status in facebook, we almost put the relationship of our love journey to an end. a jeopardy. #bhaha. just kidding yall. am not that serious about it. none of us were. he changed his status to "it's complicated" and as easy as that, i simply switched mine to "single". well as he said, "its facebook anyway. virtual world. doesnt matter. as he posted his status, 'u'll be mine bcoz my heart and eyes are wit u..never end, never give up'. u will always be mine, insyaAllah". gawsh. he left me speechless and i just stopped right there. afterwards, we headed to Satay Sri Melaka located in AU3 for dinner.
*tade gaduhgaduh ke hape pun. dia nyanyi lagu jamal abdillah kuatkuat ade la. memekak*
anyway, thanks yall for the supports, tweets, text, call and even there are some who bumped into me asked questions about it. yall the best. i just love being surrounded by good people and concern. didnt meant to fool around with our relationship statuses etc. and am sorry about it. as yall know that our fourth anniversary is approaching in couple of days, we both cant wait for it. too many plans been discussed. but i dont think were gonna celebrate it right on time. might be a bit late since we both been busy. a pre-celeb first perhaps.

aisyah 'beck' went from being "in a relationship" to "single."·  · 


  1. haaa ni issue panas ni mana boleh letak macam tu.
    See, semua orang risau kat BEck tau!

    Notty girl! hehe

  2. baiiiiik~
    tanak buat dah. serik.
    thank you much tau Khay and sume².

    now, no more notty.
    behave dah :)


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