Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a piece of me.

tagged by hanis. here it is. crumbled pieces about me. nothing much. this is totally random. yall can try it too.

  1. i love animals especially cat.
  2. im a cat person.
  3. i love baking and cooking but i dont really eat.
  4. allergic to chicken and seafood.
  5. talks like nobody cant.
  6. started reading and collecting Sweet Valley High Senior Year since 2001.
  7. vampires and fantasy books enthusiastic.
  8. cant get enough of Starbucks.
  9. prefer to stay in my dark room than light it up.
  10. only play tennis and strategy/command&conquer games. 
  11. love tarepanda since 12.
  12. fell in love with emily since 14.
  13. owns a modenas ceria scooter, emily air-brushed.
  14. my very own first kitty is Philly and shes dead now.
  15. a pure Kelantanese.
  16. prefer MAS way than AirAsia.
  17. blogging for fun.
  18. owns a complete set, thirteen books of A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
  19. had my first Blackberry given by Mom end of 2008.
  20. my first love ever is my current boyfriend.
  21. Beary Beck is my second Blackberry.
  22. red is my colour pallete.
  23. i am a gemini.
  24. such an easy-going person. *try me*
  25. tweets most of the time, here twitter
idk who to tag. but am very sure i want to hear from iena, http://pwincerskatak.blogspot.com. dollface, youre up!

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