Tuesday, November 09, 2010

this is unusual.

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?

whaaaaaat a great Monday i had today. my special someone off-day today and we hangout together. lagipun i memang off every sundays and mondays. gawsh. thou we didnt see each other for like...4-5days i guess. but dont know why. it feels like we havent see each other like forevah. ape derr. i know. i know. im lame. say it. like i care. okay. so since he got up pretty...no-no not just pretty..but so very late today, so he picked me up late. good god. at what time he got home last night. tak subuh ke. urghh. that annoys me, very. each and everytime he hang out with his friends, selalu je balik lambat. sangat lambat plak tuh. thank god hes cute. hes too cute for meh. *perghh aku pon nak termuntah ngan ayat nih* if he wasnt that darn cute, ill be super angry and mad at him by the time he arrived. 
so off we go to KTM Sentul. We're collecting the ticket that we booked for my balik kampung this RAYA. punya la sengal. they cant trace our id number given. dang it. tanak lama plak kan tercengang kat kaunter tu. they called Central to retrace. new booking bla bla bla.
and finally, i got mine. thank goodness. if i cant be home in kelantan this Raya, ill sue KTM. bhaha. as we headed out form the station, i realized that ive never balik kampung by train from KL. surprise, surprise. all this while we bought tickets for syakirah, our friends, other friends and seriously. i myself tak pernah. hurm. so this is new for me. i think.
and off we went to jusco wangsa maju. our favorite jusco since we met.ecece.
thou most outlets in the jusco were under renovation, still be our favourite jusco.
maybe coz mase awal awal bercinta dulu suke lepak sini kot. maklumla time study kan. malas nak gi jauh jauh. too many memories. sweet memories, most of it.
as we arrived, terjah mcd. craving for sundaes. not really in the mood for oreo mcflurry. so i got vanilla and zul got chocolato. afterwards, shopping for groceries at the supermarkets section while indulging ourselves with our sundae. lotsa and lotsa stuffs i bought. i even got two CAMIORs from my special someone. aww look at yuh. being this sweet sweet sweet-y pie. thank you much hunn. ohh we also redeemed our jusco vouchers as our points collected dah banyak sangat. so we use some of it to redeem few vouchers. worth it you know.
settled with jusco and foodstuffs, we went for jalan jalan here and there.
since it's been quite a month we both tak makan burger Ipin, so tadi pekena. as he said, and i quoted, "never been better. awesome as always". ye ah. our favorite street burger tu. gawsh. even the owner of burger Ipin kenal we both. penah this one time, brader burger tu cakap, "korang still bersama eyh. bagus nye. dah bape tahun aku tgk korang ni". it felt really good at that time. dari zul keje Diner' sampai now, keje Digi. Burger Ipin favorite kitorang.
i ordered extra lettuce beef burger and zul got double patties oblong beef burger. thats crazy. i know. oblong and double patties. gawsh. done with our burger and he send me home.

whoa. this entry a bit long than usual eyh.
ape pon, i really had a great time today.
we both pretty busy with our work and stuffs.
we really should have more of this...often.
(psst...am looking forward for a vacay etc. cambest. nak plan ngan sha,mamay etc lah. but kena tunggu next gaji i supposed ha-ha)

okay. i really need to stop.
gonna do my laundry.
bye yall.

*hwugs and kishes*


  1. naik flight la pulok pas ni. hahaha

  2. tahun ni dh mmg asyik naik flight je iffah.
    sampai duit pn kering dah.
    tu pasal naik train.
    lagipon tiket flight dah check.
    nak dkat2 raye ni,tanak mahal lak kan.
    tunggu next gaji la baru naik flight.

  3. Haaa.. memang unbelievably panjang! heeee...
    You dah keje ek by the way? Sorry lah baru nak kenal-kenal. Hihi!

  4. ehh ari. i tak pasan pn u ade komen kat sini heee. muahh. rndu+syg u lah!


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