Friday, November 19, 2010

wedding and marriage.

haa. im not sure whether the school holiday has started or not. but all i know is here comes all the wedding invitations. there are cards, facebook rsvp, phone calls and even emails been sent to me. and as attached  above are my invites for the week. not sure that am able to attend all invitations, but am sure i will be going. and also in the running, our fourth anniversary. hihihi. *giggling* not sure what to have on this special celebration but i have a plan. this is an anniversary. so the reason am stressing this out because its an anniversary and we celebrate it annually. we dont do week-sary or monthersary or whatsoever its been called cos thats lame *for us la* am sorry yall. no offense. to know whether which wedding am going, you can follow my tweets. since... you know. i tweet most of my time :)


here some bla bla bla for u...

BERRY link

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