Sunday, November 14, 2010

jange nok nawok Beck.kawe dgr loni Beck nok bertune pulokkkk.biar bnarrr Beckkkk.royak skekkk. -anon bastard

errr Haq. this is so you. Or maybe Eid. easy to recognize here. with your overrated-so-lame-Kelantanese-slang. duuh. me? i never lied. me? nok bertune? cmon. i told yall already. am not getting engaged or whatsoever for the moment. am not that ready enough for the commitment. i mean... aih. hey hey, if im getting engaged or even MARRIED, ill tell you guys. dont worry. plus, i will announce to this entire planet about it. fyi-la. am not getting younger and i believe it's too early for me. as i mentioned before, it's a long way to go. so... now now, ive answered your question. now get off of my page you, you anon bastard. ape derr.

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