Thursday, November 04, 2010


well yellop.
ohh bloggie.
am so full right now.
just had my lunch with Sarah.
gawsh.all my life.
tapaw-ing food, ive never used that brown-food-wrapper that super huge.
i cant even predict the volume of the nasi and ended up
nasi i tapaw banyak gile.
with the daging goreng blackpepper and the tempe goreng with potatoes,
urghh.banyak gila.
tak termakan tau tak.
thank God, am settled and now felt very kenyang and not sleepy.
can continue doing my chores etc.
dahla last night had satay Kajang with beloved Zul.
makan banyak.
am so gonna get fat soon.
urghhh.speaking of Zul.
Teringat plak last night, he called and told me had kind of sore throat.
awww.poor you.
i asked him to drink loads of water and if there's Breacol in his house' fridge, i suruh dia minum Breacol.but he said no Breacol.Since he got his hacks, makan je la dear that sweets.
hurm.very hoping that he felt better today.
nak gi keje lagi.
very the leceh for those yang keje ikut shifts.
so,since am kenyang now and having my soothing drink, am gonna start doing my works and etc.
got a lot of things to do today.

*hwugs and kishes*


  1. petang nanti twist perut kat alat senaman tkay

  2. petang already and saya rasa malas plk nak twist ngan alat senaman tu.last2,awak jugak yang ber-twist hik3~


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