Friday, November 05, 2010

my 'hmmm...'

well hello again.kinda jumpy today.dont even know why.ahah.
i kinda thought about my bad habit that i love to do sometimes.
it aint humming
it aint humouring or etc
it's simply hmmm...
you know.everytime you had something came up and you have to figure out something to cope with it.well by that time my hmmm-ing came across my just slip thru my brain and seriously, it came out of nowhere.most of the time, people surround me dont realize i was getting my hmmm...
but if they realize, words split out.
this is one of the conversations that happened years ago :

me            : hmmm...*while evil-ly grinning*
my friend : oh no. did you just go "hmmm..." *while mocking my evil grin*
me           : yes, i did. and i wish you would stop being scared by one of my HMMMs. One of these days one of my HMMMs gonna be something great. Now let see if it's today.


  1. Hmmmmmm.... *guess what my hmmmm means*

    Hihi! Thanks for adding my blog in your blogroll. I'll return the favor later okie? ;)

  2. uuu.
    that "hmmmm..."
    one of a kind.the kind that indescribable.

    no biggie.okay then.keep on posting.ngaha! XD


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