Wednesday, November 03, 2010

behold the black-and-white-huggable-bear.

now now.'s the new member of the family.
y'all.behold the PANDA.
ngaha.just kidding.
say hello to my brand new water bottle.
this range of water bottle was designed in collaboration of BROS and WWF in promoting the TX2 campaign.
ive been supportinf World Wildlife Federation since forever ;)
i even a registered member of the club.
and fyi, every RM1 from purchasing this cool guy will be donated to WWF-Malaysia's turtle conservation efforts.
felt really good right after i bought this.
ive seen so many fancy water bottles at the emporium.
it's just, idk.
i love having this guy.
there are many many many things that we can do to help saving our planet.
thou we think that it's too small,but still we're on our way towards it.
a lil help from a each person in a big community will turn a drop into a pouring.


*hwugs and kishes*

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