Monday, November 08, 2010

i know what it's called

Shots on target Liverpool 6 Chelsea 5
Corners Liverpool 2 Chelsea 4
Fouls Liverpool 14 Chelsea 13
Offsides Liverpool 3 Chelsea 3

yes. yes. yes.cheers. get up and cheers you, you jack-double-reversed-psychology fan of the FOOLS. yeah, you got us.we LOSE last night' game. things are not looking pretty thou and with Drogba starting the kick-off from the bench. fainn. the league aint over yet. and yes. you guys moved to the 9th now. still be on the running.. ou i hate you moar and moar now Torres. but what happen has happened. i seriously cant sleep well last night. my eyes are hardly close. but whatevv. we still the first team on the league board. thou the points arent increase but still, we're at the top on the list. next game will be this Wednesday and i consider that as a winning game already over Fulham. cant watch that. but i believe ill be watching Chelc and Newcastle.ok. something came up. chop chop. overall. last night. well played Liverpool, good game Chelsea.

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