Saturday, June 12, 2010

almost two months

it's been almost two months we ddnt see each other. manap been very busy with schools and teaching and kids. he called few days back and said that he missed me! whoa,i miss u much too buddy. so he took me out for a late night btes at first at Satay Kajang Hj. Samuri. it was so crazy. we talked about almost everything. /phew! haha. thou time is jealousy but we still sempat went to Putrajaya for a few mins, saje sukesuke. and surprisingly,on the next day he called again. wanna took me for brunch at Taman Warisan at Putrajaya (again). and once again,we talked and chat and gossiping etc etc etc (you know what) bhaahaha. i had fun.
by the way, it's not just manap and i. there was arif also duing the hangouts teehehe. and arif's cute am telling yah!  


  1. ala... i cant see his face.... :)

  2. meant to.
    u just haf to believe meh.
    sgt cuuute.


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