Monday, June 28, 2010

Sieg ist unser !

Told yah.
We're so gonna win tonight.
Am so proud of Germany.
You just killed the Three Lions that sleep tonight.
*Now playing on iTunes ; Lion King's The Lion Sleeps Tonight*
germany (4) - (1) england
pack your bags, England.
it's our glory,
glorious victory and your worry, england.
*eh, cakap besar plak aku*
Cant stay up for #arg VS. #mex.
am not feeling very well lately.
tomorrow need to see my specialist due to my knee.
mom wants me to be diagnosed.
so, heading to KBMC perhaps.
Climbing my bed now.
Congratulations Germany.
What a game. Let's see if we're seeing SPAIN in the semi.
Nanight beautiful souls.

x x x x


  1. i got this knee-pain once in a while.
    bile menyerang,tersangat la sakit Egy-kuh.
    Mom suh g diagnos takut related to somekind of kanser tulang etc.


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