Sunday, June 27, 2010

yeah Sunday.

just finished preparing lunch for my little brothers. adib's going back to UUM tonight. *sobsob*. gonna miss yah lil bro. no longer can tease him, pull his hair, pull his pants, got no partner to play with out cats. kakak will be miserable. plus, this darn menstrual cramps keep ambushing me without even notice. dang u menstruation! am more miserable now. what. u want me to compose you a song then you'll get over me. --so not. but am so getting use to this. just bare with it. can no longer take pills. urgh. so my Sunday. i kinda woke up early today. cant sleep that well. England VS. GERMANY coming up tonight. So gonna kill the Three Lions soon. Ah! No no. cant sleep well caused by my menstrual cramps. a lil pinch of Germany fever plus plus. but that wont ruin my Sunday. my Sunday is going well so far. tho last night hanif said my face looks reddish etc etc. dang! i got a little headache at that time. didnt realize my face turns red. aih. gotta stay fresh for tonight's game. you Nationalmannscaft, dont even let the Three Lions fight back. dominate. conquer. then victory will be ours. *padahal, nak ke final byk stage lagi* /sigh. (for tonight's match lor). havent had my lunch yet. not that hungry. but i'll eat right after this. received a text message from Kerol just now. saying that he's in KL and asking me if am available for a hang out. dang it *No.2* am missing kerol like hell. and now he's in KL and am in KB. hukhuk. no matter what. am so going back to KL very soon. lemme save a date. YES. got it! July6th. Yes people. am going back to KL this July6. you guys hang in there. am coming. eriq, faisal, arif, harkatarotarogay, ira...aaah! everyone lah. wait for me. wee! err err have a gleeful Sunday yah.

x x x x

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