Monday, June 14, 2010

SCRABBLE night number TWO!

with SCRABBLE-ing.
empowering our vocabs.
It was supposed to be between Najmi,Laila and I.
but,at the nick of time,Najmi was like super blurred to build a word.
so,along came Ayah to help him.
And guess what,Ayah came up with his hi-level vocab.
i was like..mono to myself
"Duuh. Ayah. C'mon. I was like lowering my vocab level for the sake of Najmi."
As Ayah representing Najmi, he interpreted all kind of skills he had in SCRABBLE-ing.
Ended up, Ayah as Najmi(half time) won.
And me.
Urghh, lost with no dignity at all.
This is so unfair.
Will get back to them and re-SCRABBLE-ing again soon.
You'll see.
Shots during the game are as below.

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