Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sidekick's birthday!

well. it's today. my beloved sidekick's birthday. i got like THREE REMINDERS on my Beary BECK Blackberry snoozing right into my ears since last night for this important day. see sidekick. you're such an important person, ya know. so since youre my one and only sidekick.. best sidekick ever in the world that i have here since urr urr urr '04, right dear. ahhaha. me here wanna wish ya a GLEEful birthday wish for yah. always knowing that i love you since forever and so gonna be there whenever you need me just like youre there for me as I need yah. am so gonna figure out what's for your birthday. we're seeing each other when am back in KL aight. cant wait to see yah. missing you like tonnes! urghh. how i wish u could just popped right at the very front of my eyes. homaigawd. soon, we head to popmyberry together eyh. hihi. keep up with your 'tembaktembak' activity aight. if you need my comments and opinion bout your shots etc., just tag me. i'll give out my best thou i know am not that good lah! take a very good care of purpleberry yah. will be rooting on you from time to time. missing SLK, missing EGO and of course I MISS YAH! *hwugs and kishes* just for you. take a good care of papa, mama, and semua. esp nurin. only girl there. ure the best thing in my life. *less the three* for infinity!
Happy GAY Birthday Dear

x x x x

1 comment:

  1. thanx a lot becky.and seriously i mean it.
    yeah i do noe im quite of being silent lately.
    would u plizz get a maxis number~argghhh~
    or i will get u one one day.
    hehe.i read what u read, and i can't stop smiling.and im doing it 'alone'.so totally mcm bangang!
    hahaha.can't wait to see u either.
    i wish i still got my SLK also.boleh bawak saya jalan2.huuu~
    papa,nak masuk dgree dah nie.pwwiiiz~~
    hehehe.and again.thanx a lot for the whole time that we shared together.hope u will get stronger as u did now every each and inch of ur life~


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