Wednesday, June 16, 2010


the date was yesterday.
June15th,2010. went to KB Mall together with baby youngest sister Bari'ah, my cute cousin Wani and my good girlfriend Razan. Not really an impromptu hang out, but kinda a bit 'kalut'. Ha-ha. But we had a great fun that day. As usual, I went out driving Savvy. But this time,as Mom pretend to not knowing am going out as she drove Savvy to office. /sigh. What to do. Civic it is then. Picked up Razan at her house in Kubang Kerian. We directly headed to KB Mall afterwards. As the parking was full, I decided to park at the rooftop open parking. I totally knew that our plan to bowl that day gotta be cancelled. Park full = loads of people. Loads of people leads to long queue at the bowling alley. Nah,so we cancelled to bowl. Had lunch at A&W. Floats. Coney Dog with Cheese. Curly Fries. What more could you ask people. Dig in! Hey-o!
Window shopping mostly. Checking out stuffs. Sim card recovery *finally*. Wanna buy cute wedges, but unfortunately they're not too cute too be mine. *Bhaahaha*. But new wedges coming soon.Just wait. Had cold drinks and sweet dessert. Uhh Ohh sorbet. I like yuh! Chit chat pot pet, playing mini games on Beary Beck, games on iPod touch bla bla bla. Bought latest issue of CLEO Magazine, a novel for Baria'ah and a Word Search booklet and a story book for Syukri as below :). They love books. Which is funny. *for me la,idk why*
Then headed back home. But before that, dropped by at Razan's house to send her back and pray Asar coz traffic jam on our way back dragged us almost Maghrib. Tonnes of fun and laughter. Full of joy and we certainly wanna hang out like this again. But Wani's heading to KL already tomorrow. So, cant decide yet.
Love love! 



  1. looks like u had a great time!!


  2. i did.
    super fun.

    word search is the best!!
    ade tak game show utk word search ni?
    beck nk participate ah hihi

    miss u khay!


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