Monday, June 14, 2010

Plant VS. Zombies

There is this one Yahoo/Pop Cap Games that ive been playing.
Bersengkang mata-ing.
Though did finished all the levels and stages.
But am keep playing it over and over again.
*ngade ngade abis*

it's Plants VS. Zombies.
I know you guys out there do familiar with this game.
Or with this kind of game,ya know.
Such Miniclip games.
It's fun.
The characters are super cute.
The Zombies also *surprisingly*
These are few shots that ive snap during the battles in protecting OUR LAWN,
so that the Zombies cant reach your door step to eat your BRAINS!


Seriously,they're stupid Zombies.
But they shockingly can write notes with pretty 'okay' grammar thou pls dont mind with the spelling.
They're just.......... Zombies.
Beat it!


  1. wakakakka. crazy on the zombies when am at home for the holidays!!! its super duper FUN ;)

  2. Totally right.
    Can never stop from playing this dumb.

    Your post bout putting menus on blog is interesting thou.
    Gonna try soon as editing the blogspot brand new DESIGN options pon Beck xbuat lagi.


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