Sunday, June 27, 2010


so many things requested by my little brothers and sister lately. *almaklumla, am home so jarang* i try hard to grant all the requests by them. few days back mom requested me to make that 'Kek Batik' ya know. easy and simple. but am not a big fan of it. it's been quite a while havent make this kek batik. but as requested, so i made it. my chocolate moist cake still under this 'planning' term. so many things to do, so lil timma.incoming, homemade pizza. uhh ohh. it's been years our family havent had our very own pizza. this is all because of my lil brothers and sister. especially those two lil monsters. fun ya know. you can put as much topping as you like. anything. as long as u got the ingredients, there you go. voila! so, insyaAllah pizza's day gonna be either tonight or tomorrow. as am not really pro in this kek batik making, this is it. just ignore the messiness okai. hihi.i know am such a comot person. but as long as they compliment it, and it does taste good. that's just okay with me.

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