Wednesday, June 02, 2010

suggesting your suggestions

well it's been a while i havent update my blog.
so many things to do,so lil timma.
erm.. idk.
dont really know what to babble this time.
but i did went to Damansara today to see a good friend of mine.
*that is so out of topic*
but it does linked to what am i gonna ramble afterwards.
*pepandai la relate sendiri ho-ho*
as here i say,making suggestions is like youre giving your opinions or giving out your idea or POV.
frankly said, the act of suggesting.
on the other hand,suggesting is like--
to serve as or to provide a motive for something.
which here you are kinda to offer a consideration or action to someone about or on something.
ya know.
so,if ure in like...suggesting things to a friend or someone,u should.. spill it in a proper way.
as if you say it in a non-proper way
or using such unsuitable tones,in a snap of fingers
it's no longer being called as suggesting your suggestions.
it might turn into like giving command or
making the person youre talking to,to do exactly what u ask them to do
and that's not good.
especially when u actually,let's say just want to make a conversation with them.
a simple conversation.
voice tones can change the pleasant conversation that ure having at that time.
thus,can decrease the interest of others while having the talk with u.
or worse,they refuse to listen to u anymoar!
u definitely dont want that right.
so,if ure honestly want to suggest a suggestion to someone on something,
do spill it in a good way.
or as haq said,in a mannered way.
if ure feeling uncomfortable with the person that ure having a conversation with,
do stop talking.
take a step away or just tell them that u hv something came up.
etc etc etc.
puuuhlis derr.

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