Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just finished.

i made 'cucur' for our tea today. Well, requested by Baba actually. He wants to eat 'cucur'. Also known as 'jemput jemput'. You can call 'em any names you like. Now now,am gonna wait for Baba to be home.

while waiting for Baba and Mom to be home, let's have this newly bought ice cream by HPA. Yummeh!
"Jemput makan semua!"

x x x x


  1. Sarah berjaya post comment beliau!
    Sangat suke!

  2. ahahha..berjaya!
    btw eskim tu nmpk mcm best jek
    mcm nnt nk cri kt kdai la..

  3. Itu la.
    Beck bangga dengan Sarara hihi.
    Yeah,mmg shedapp.
    Nak cari kat kedai biase,takde la Sarara.
    Kat HPA Outlet je ade.

  4. ho la,sedap woo.
    meh umoh aku makey ice cream hihi.


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