Tuesday, June 15, 2010


up u guys!
i went to bed early, so ended up awaken now.
but OKAY what, am watching ITALY live.
Italy VS. Paraguay.

still remember this post..? *click it*
ya know what.
went to see a movie with love.
and while waiting for our movie to get started,
i went to Popular for quite a moment.
checking out maybe new books,ya know.
Which here,it was fun.
Wanna know something...?
I bumped into Abi, my junior at Serting. *click it to reach his BLOG*
Ou gawsh. There were tweets, Fb comments etc etc.
Never on earth would i expect that i could bump into my junior.
Ha-ha. Silly me.
Kinda happy at that time.
*am so out of the main thing right now*
Okay, bout the previous post.
At POPULAR, I saw that book.
Arranged in a swirl pile.
Gawsh,it's out.
So, quick guys.
Grab one for yourself or to a friend of yours that love to read novels.
Especially Malay novels.
Here it is.

also found this one.
Been thinking on having it.
Original Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and nowadays modern zombies tale combined.
Pretty interesting I might say.

So, FIFA World Cup 2010 started. And as mentioned above, am watching the Italy vs Paraguay on live net now. Alone in my room.. As am awake for almost 7hours nap. Hmmm, so who are you guys rooting for? I'm all in for Germany, Italy and Brazil!

Time passes extremely fast isnt it guys. It's already third week of June! And also, I do remember years back then we were all talking about World Cup,me and sidekick and etc etc and betting during high school. Aww how much we've grown. You should look around once in a while.
Italy vs Paraguay has ended as am putting my few last words for this post.
What a great match... Hope all the other matches would be this good.
Higher hopes on you,Italy!
Italy (1) VS. Paraguay(1).
Am thinking on getting back my sleep.
Good night beautiful souls.


  1. Wow. Beck makin berminat baca novel melayu. =)

    zombie novel tu macam menarikkkk jee!

    World Cup, khay x tau nak sokong sape.


  2. Bukan la.
    Saje promote ngade ngade.
    Beck tak baca pon.
    Itu la tu.
    Zombie novel tu cambest kan.
    ha yang tu mmg ade nawaitu nak beli.
    FWC? Ala sokong la mane2.
    North Korea oke gak.
    Jom join Beck.


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