Tuesday, June 22, 2010



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This entry.
For you two.
Yes you two out there.
Whom i care about so much.Very.
I hate this part, where i can feel tears running down your fluff cheek.
I know you miss him so much.
He's long gone now.
But missing him each and every day,can't be stopped.
I know you two such good daughter and son.
It's okay to cry sometimes.
Father's Day had passed two days ago.
Don't ever feel bad to yourself as you're no longer have him with you now.
Please be strong guys.
I love you both so so much.
And I just can't take you tears like this.
Be strong dear, as strong as the inner you.
I know you're stronger on the inside, and i want you to show it.
Bare this one.
Keep yourself holding together.
You got me here.
Am never gonna leave you. Ever.
So do him. He never left you.
Because He's always on your side.
Trust me.
In every single thing you do, imagine that he's watching over you.
Make him proud and happy for what you're doing in your everyday life.
Never stop praying for his sanctity on the other side of the world.
There's nothing better for Arwah than his beloved children's prayer.
May he rest in peace.


  1. Ye!
    Untuk awak.
    Saya sayang awak Cik Ros sesangat.

  2. Mhuaahh3!<3
    syg kamu juga.sangat3 juga.
    terima kasih banyak3.
    semoga semuanya baik3 aje. :)

  3. Wah,dapat KISS and LOVE besar!
    Sangat suke.
    My pleasure Cik Ros.
    As long as kamu remains strong.
    InsyaAllah,sume akan baik2 shja.
    Saya akan sentiasa doakan.

    That's my girl.
    Keep up the spirit.
    Like Syahida Hassan said,"Supergirl!"


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