Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3.

dated June 19th, 2010.


Bari'ah, Hidayat, Iqbal, Onichi, Syukri.
Uhh Ohh, Onichi's wearing my ZARA.

since we're in KL now, so mom asked Onichi and I to bring our little siblings to see a Toy Story 3. In fact, Mom & Baba together with Bonda are heading to Hulu Langat as they got errands to run.
So, Onichi ordered me to book the tickets online so that i would be easier for all of us. But unfortunately, ya know... still be in the school holidays,plus it's the end of the week bla bla and bla it's hard to reach online buying and booing. So i went to JJ Cheras Selatan early to buy the tickets. JJ filled with toddlers, kids, baby and strollers, parents and families. Gawsh. I went crazy with all of these. Kids were here and there. Urghh. Please take me away from these. But, what to do. It's holiday.
 So,I bought 7tickets all together for Toy Story 3. Onichi,Bro Taufic, Iqbal, Bari'ah, Syukri, Hidayat and moah! Hihi. 4 Adults and 3 Kids. Alhamdulillah my lil brothers and sister behaved themselves for the whole Saturday. Ala in fact they knew that when it comes to Kakak,if you need anything just split it. Quit whining. If not, you'll never get it and Kakak will never 'layan' you hoho. Love 'em so much!



We had a great time alright. Right after Pop corns, Carbonated Strawberry drinks and Toy Story 3 those kiddos asking for Kinder Joy by Kinder Bueno. So we went to the market section downstairs getting Kinder Joys hoho. Few photos taken before we headed home (just too few as above) for lunch cz Mom,Baba and Bonda's already home.

P/s : This footnote is for Acok, a BBM friend of mine. Ahah,sorry yah. YES. Am tweeting while watching the movie. Ahihi. Kinda fun tweeting while seeing the movie. If there are few of you are following my tweets, you know what am i talking about. Hihihi.

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