Thursday, June 24, 2010


just finished few minutes ago. my lychee bean curd. actually i was planning to bake chocolate moist cake as mom and baba requested yesterday. but, turned out that i got sore throat today. therefore, I decided to make these guys instead of chocolate cake. not in the mood on being chocolatey caused by my hurting throat. will postponed it tomorrow. was it (my sore throat) due to my insomniac season on rooting for FIFA World Cup 2010? Oh gawsh. idk. i dont think am staying up late every night. or maybe due to too much laughing lately. err err still thinking all mentioned above aint the reason. am so gonna drink lotsa and lotsa water. warm water to be exact. Nut ask me to grab Vanilla ice cream. it can make my throat feel better. am indecisive now. confuse to real. ive never heard vanilla ice cream can do that. all i know is vanilla is my favourite in everything. well, maybe i should give a try.almost forgot. mom's fasting today. i did went to buy few 'kuih muih' just now for mom. so, as above. my lychee bean curd. you guys might cant see some small pieces lychee i put in there. aah. nevermind. still, my sore throat. dang hurt!


  1. cik Beck! ais krim vanilla mmg bgus utk skt tekak. paling disyorkan ais krim vanilla mcD. sebab yg itu sedap. teehee~

    cpt sehat okie?mhuahh3~

  2. Ou yeke.
    Makanya ade kebenaran la kata kata si Nut tu.
    Hurm.. baiklah.
    ais krim Vanilla McD?
    wah,mmg. mmg. sgt sedap.
    saya akan cari vanilla ice cream jap g kat mcD drive thru.

    thnks cik Ros.
    Semoga saya cepat sehat.


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