Monday, June 21, 2010

(T.T) huk3.

out of the blue.
i miss my sidekick.
it's been a while havent seen him.
bbm, fb chat, ym, tweeting.
still, am missing my sidekick.


  1. i knew exactly how u felt... i've been there too... hehe... miss him like crazy rite??? and u know the 1st thing i wanna do??? cubit2 si dia... sukanya!!!! :)

    Beck... cheer up k dear... he always there... in u heart...

  2. You do Emmi.
    Thank you.
    Missing like can never bare.
    I wonder what sidekick's doing right now.
    Cubit2? U two mmg cute lovebirds.
    Thanks Emmi,again for cheering me up.
    Very hoping sidekick's doing just fine.

    And also wanna thanked Nut for always being on his best cheering me up. T__T


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