Saturday, June 19, 2010

gay girlfriends.

look at photos below.
how 'gedik' am i.
okay. let me begin.
here's another post about my gay girlfriends.
they're my classmates when i was around 7-12yrs old.
ngee. arent we the cutest.
whenever i went back home to KB,hanging out with these two is kinda a MUST.
so as this is another gay hang out of us, you guys can scroll over our photos :).
i picked them both at their houses.
we had McD.
and as usual, most typical girl would do...
gossiping, chit chatting, giggling, window shopping, etc. etc. etc.
and the most important is we enjoy ourselves each and everytime we hang out together.

this is Adilah.
the daughter of our school's PK HEM.
such 'kerempeng' and tall bubbly girl.

us three :).

and this is Amalina.
a daughter of Mom's friend
cum my softy sweet girlfriend.

and here's the many faces of us.

there will be more entries posted bout us.
so, keep on clicking to this page alright.
and as usual, for those who follows my tweets every single thing will be updated thru my tweets most of the time and also my facebook :).


  1. cutenye Beck..btw kite suke background awk ni
    cool la dari dulu.and lebih fresh

  2. Beck?
    adoi hehe.
    Thanks for such compliment sarah :).
    Ahah,Beck pn suke.
    Pnat godek2 kat brand new 'Design' tab from blogspot.
    lebih fresh eyh.
    sukesuke. more vibe and chic.
    beck sgt suke.


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