Tuesday, June 01, 2010


i know im wrong.
am very sorry for what ive done.
i know it hurt u.
hurt u a lot.
but u hv to understand me.
understand on why i did that.
u said i was being irresponsible.
i lied.
i ddnt say what am i supposed to say at that time.
am sorry for what i did.
i ddnt mean to.
the last thing that i would do,is to break your heart.
pls be deep.
dig deep so that u can see what am trying to do here.
i know u hurt.
it hurt u so much that u cant even think about it.
i wont do it again. ever.
u can count on me.
i dont wanna be torn.
i know when i heard about that again,
i can tell how upset are u on me.
once again.
im so very truly sorry.

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